Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thank God It's Tuesday

Thank God It's Tuesday is your timetable for upcoming releases that should interest you. This post will be added to as new release dates become available and is clickable from SCQ's Navigator on the right margin of your screen.

A short calendar of things worth looking forward to in 2010/11:

January 24

The Stars Are Indifferent to Astronomy - Nada Surf
Provincial - John K. Samson

January 31

Old Ideas - Leonard Cohen

February 7

Le Voyage Dans La Lune - Air
Six Cups of Rebel - Lindstrom

February 14

Plumb - Field Music
Underrated Silence - Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters

February 28

The Slideshow Effect - Memoryhouse
TBA - Orcas

March 6

Break It Yourself - Andrew Bird
Dispossession - Mike Wexler 
Always - Xiu Xiu

March 20

Port of Morrow - The Shins

March 27

Busting Visions - Zeus

April 3

It's Cool, I Love You - Bear In Heaven
New Wild Everywhere - Great Lake Swimmers
Spooky Action At a Distance - Lotus Plaza
Zammuto - Zammuto

April 10

Mr. Impossible - Black Dice
Orcas - Orcas
Lost In the Humming Air - Various (Tribute to Harold Budd)

April 17

Cynic's New Year - Horse Feathers

April 24

Blunderbuss - Jack White

May 1

Aufheben - Brian Jonestown Massacre

May 7

Exercises - CFCF
Death Dreams - P.S. I Love You

May 22

Clear Moon - Mount Eerie

May 29

Valtari - Sigur Ros
Among the Leaves - Sun Kil Moon

June 12

In Our Heads - Hot Chip
Synthetica - Metric
There's No Leaving Now - Tallest Man On Earth

June 18

Oceania - Smashing Pumpkins


TBDBoards of Canada

Anticipated Records Due 2012 / SCQ Dream List:

Ryan Adams - Blackhole
Aphex Twin - TBA
Bob Mould - TBA
The Wrens - Funeral


Anonymous said...

I think Coldplay extended their LP title to

"Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends"

Just a heads up :)

SCQ said...

Thanks for the Coldplay update, anonymous...I'm digging the newly extended title far more than their original one.

sean p. said...

Just wondering if you're going to review singles.
I know you're going to want to review the new Cure singles right?
I'd like to read your thoughts on Violet Hill - Coldplay.
It's free from their website until Tuesday if you haven't heard it yet.
Take care

prattsi pratts said...

Isn't it great when you discover an old band and a week later they announce a new album... just happened to me.

Phoenix are to release 'Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix' in May 2009.

SCQ said...

Thanks for the tip, Prattsi Pratts... I hear that it's going to be a raw record like their last one. Not that I'd really call It's Never Been Like That raw... but less polished than their early work anyway.

By the way, Bloc Party in one month!

cgreen said...

What's up with this Attack in Black album, is it acoustic, like the one i can't remember the name of off hand, or is it shinanigans like the other stuff.

SCQ said...

Hey CG,

Concerning Attack in Black, it's a nice progression from their acoustic Curve of the Earth. Comes out March 10th and I cannot wait. Check your inbox...

Other news you might dig: new Pete Yorn is out June 23rd!

You are my Symphonic said...

Blink 182 in 2010??

SCQ said...

Yep, no kidding... supposedly they've been in and out of studios since reforming in the summer.

I've always had a soft spot for their last record (s/t, 2003) which was darker, more serious, so I'm curious to see if they continue in that vein. Either that or they'll revert to their earlier schtick that I'm too old for. I'm not holding my breath for either...

Kill-A-DJ said...

Hey, Deftones scrapped the Eros album and are releasing a completely new and as yet untitled one this year.

SCQ said...

Thanks for the correction, Kill-A-DJ. Eros or not, I just hope the Deftones continue down their dreamier side with the new material. I still want them to be heavy, but closer to Saturday Night Wrist heavy where they focus a lot on atmospheres.