Sunday, March 2, 2008

You, You're a History in Rust - Do Make Say Think (RIPPED OFF '07)

You, You’re a History in Rust

Do Make Say Think
Constellation Records.

SCQ Rating: 84%

“What!?!”, you say, “but that album came out in 2007!!”

Yeah, I know. That’s why it’s by far the most Truly Ripped Off record on my list. There was little doubt that History in Rust belonged on my Best of… list back in the Spring of 07, when a friend burned it for me (as he had scored an advanced copy at their London show in February), but because I hadn’t purchased it before finalizing my year-end list, the rogue CDR in the group had to go.

DMST’s latest became a personal record for me during a two-week trek of Nova Scotia. Wandering the streets of Halifax and its barren outskirts, I kept History in Rust in my headphones to keep warm and decide whether I wanted to put down roots in this port-city. The fragile beauty of opener ‘A With Living’ and ‘A History In Rust’ present a pastoral folk-rock that felt perfect for walking the rural backroads of Eastern Canada, while ‘Bound to Be that Way’ and ‘The Universe!’ shake off any rust with shredding instrumentals.

You, You’re a History in Rust stayed with me on my trip back to Ontario and subsequent move to Toronto. Forgive me, DMST… but know that as last month, I finally purchased your late great record and it inspired me to raise my hat to all of those uncelebrated in the past year.

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