Monday, April 7, 2008

Habitual Blogging

Well, it has been nearly two months since my last administrative post and much has changed. When I last commented on the state of SCQ, the blog was hardly out of incubation and I hadn’t a clue how to hold it. Since I’ve found a routine in the meantime and people are actually stopping by to read, I thought now might be the time for a long overdue update.

Firstly, I wanted to point out the main addition to SCQ: the SCQ Review, a blog I designed in February to counter the limitations of searching a single blog for one particular review. As a new branch of the Homepage, SCQ Review will delve into albums of the past as I continue to build an archive. The site affords a one-click list of Artists/Bands that will provide any or all reviews based on their discography (a convenience I hadn’t the room for on this Homepage). Usually updated on Thursdays, the Review Archive is the easiest way to make the SCQ experience easier to navigate. Elsewhere, the SCQ Homepage you’re currently reading will remain focused on new records worth reviewing, features, the Thank God It’s Tuesday calendar and concert reviews. New content is regularly posted in time for Mondays.

Secondly, SCQ is asking for some assistance through an open letter posted here. In a nutshell, I’m looking for submissions that discuss how the author in question (maybe you!?!) found one of their favourite albums and the circumstances that make it so important to you. They’ll likely be posted once a month in a new series I’m calling Off the Record (god, I’m brilliant).

On a final note, the recently fixed-up About SCQ link at the right margin of the site takes a moment to distinguish how these records are reviewed and the criteria considered. Click here if you’re completely at odds with every review I write.

That’s that. Feel free to comment all you like; they make me feel like I’m doing this for someone other than myself.

Love SCQ

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