Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Century in Blogger's Time

Dear Faithful SCQ Readers,

Much has occurred over the past several days. For one, I'm currently typing this - my 100th post for the SCQ homepage - on a brand new MacBook (!!). Also, I've moved out of Toronto and as of tomorrow morning will be departing on a plane bound for Taiwan (!?!?!??!). Until I find myself a place to live and some time alone, SCQ has been forced into hiatus. Expect a solid week or two.

In the meantime, keep well and enjoy the last full month of summer. The year has many records in store for us yet!

Love SCQ.


SCQ said...


SCQ is working diligently to get its new headquarters up and running but, due to some unforeseen priorities, will remain a ghost-town longer than anticipated. I hate to blame priorities when it comes to SCQ - after all, what could be more important than this? - but with a few extra grace days, this site will return as the well-oiled machine I insist it is.

Of course, that grand return will likely encompass a bunch of cool records that everyone got over a month or two ago, but that right there is what we call blogger's jet-lag. And if we don't call it that, I just coined it.

Thank you for your interest. Now go outside and play.

Love SCQ.

Anonymous said...

take your time, looking forward to it either way!