Sunday, January 4, 2009

The SCQ Detox (1 of 2)

Dear Comrades,

I would’ve loved to start the new year with some reviews of amazing 2009 albums, but that’ll have to wait a few weeks (until a few important, much anticipated records see the light of day). So instead of letting the first half of January slide by unnoticed, SCQ decided to rummage through some of 2008’s releases that didn’t warrant attention at the time. There will be a second wave of these 2008 reviews arriving later this week, featuring albums that were released late in the year.

Once the last traces of 2008 have been commented on, SCQ will move forward with regular features (including RIPPED OFF 08) and new reviews. Note that archived reviews for every artist or band are now clickable from the main page’s right margin, further fusing this blog with the SCQ Review. Feel free to leave messages or reminders if you'd like to see other changes fulfilled. I've had two friends give me an ear-full about records I've neglected to review, so if anyone else knows of a good album I've missed, write a comment or email me at

Happy New Year to you all… I think it’s going to be a good one.

Love SCQ.

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