Monday, July 13, 2009

My Spine's in Love with a Parkay Floor

SCQ Headquarters has been a constant blur of business lately, writing a bunch of album reviews while reorganizing our furniture for some essential lie-on-the-floor-with-headphones space. It'll come in handy over the coming weeks...

July kicked off with more than just fireworks as I’ve been welcomed aboard the staff of No Ripcord. It’s a great opportunity to work for a website I’ve read throughout the years, so be sure to check it out. Alongside the new position, SCQ will continue as always with new album reviews and features. There are a few hot releases currently en route toward my mailbox as well as some older additions being written for SCQ Reviews.

Keep in mind, July 20th is the deadline for entry into this month’s SKLTN Contest. No skill-testing question, no mail-in offer… simply click “Follow” on Google’s Friend Connect and you’re entered to win SKLTNZ Vol. 1; a prize-pack containing at least one disc compiled of ‘ish you’ll love and some random frills. Do the contents really matter? Everyone loves getting mail! Only one week left!

Oh yeah, my first No Ripcord reviews are up:

1999-2004 by Royal City

Wait For Me by Moby

Any questions, comments or suggestions are always welcome at Stay cool out there..

Love SCQ.


Pratt said...

Can I take a guess you took this on Saturday, July 11?
If you did, that's pretty bizarre because I also took a video that flows from clear sunny sky over to a dark raincloud threatening. It must be a Pratt thing.
Take it easy brother.


SCQ said...

Hey Bro,

Sadly I took this sometime in June but that's still pretty strange...; post it on 3up-3down!

Have you listened to the new Wilco at all? I finally heard it last night and am interested in your thoughts...

Pratt said...

Still haven't. I'll try and get on that. Been trying to find time to give the Paul Banks solo record a front to back spin so Wilco may have to wait even longer.
Can't believe Ursa Major hasn't hit the interweb yet as well.