Monday, November 30, 2009

This Ends SCQ's Regularly Scheduled Programming...

Several weeks have passed since my last administrative update, which should be indicative of one thing: crunch-time. Having crammed just about all of this year’s most important releases into the past eleven months, it’s time to finesse my verbal exclamations with SCQ’s Year-In-Review Series (brought to you by Shahram, the Prince of Relaxation).

Contents should break down as follows*:

Friday, December 4th: Cover-Art Highs and Lows
Monday, December 7th – Friday, December 11th: SCQ Artists Questionnaire
Monday, December 14th: Top 50 Songs of 2009
Tuesday, December 15th: Top 20 Albums of 2009 (*Subject to change, you know how it is...)

Any purchases I haven't written about or promos I’ve yet to receive will be held over and featured during the early days of 2010. Also, any promos not received by late December will likely be lost or returned, as SCQ Headquarters will be on the move. Email for the new mailing address.

Thanks for reading and be sure to stop by over the coming weeks… December should be a loaded month.

Love SCQ & Shahram.


Sean Pratt said...

hey bro,
looking forward to the updates.
glad the blog is back after that lengthy (for you) hiatus.
take care chuupy

Sean Pratt said...

wow. great cat too. didn't even notice first time around

You Are My Symphonic said...

Monday to Friday? SCQ is taking the weekends off!

Looking forward to seeing this feature take shape.

SCQ said...

Shahram is an amazing cat who specializes in relaxation. And thanks; it's good to be back! That week in Ottawa really let some cobwebs grow...

And yeah, it kinda appears as though SCQ is taking weekends off... haha, we'll see if this year-end business actually keeps to my schedule.

Thanks for reading, guys!