Thursday, May 6, 2010

May Update

Two nights ago, Caribou and Toro Y Moi played a fantastic show at The Babylon here in Ottawa. I hadn’t seen Dan Snaith and Co. play in almost five years so it was great to hear their refined takes on old classics as well as the newer, dance-infused material. Speaking of new material, we also picked up Tour CD 2010 (pictured above) which is loaded with an additional sixty-nine minutes of music that didn’t make the album! Disclaimer: the first track is nearly fifty minutes on its own, and a mindbender at that. In honour of that concert (and, in part, because I have my No Ripcord review of Toro Y Moi just sitting around…), SCQ has featured reviews of both acts’ latest records today.

Also of note:

Hot on the heels of Embers From the Underground, SCQ will be unveiling another equally-sporadic feature aimed at spotlighting excellent, unsung record labels. Each profile will introduce the label in focus while reviewing a varied selection of their releases. Hopefully the first edition, which features a cool, DIY imprint from Montreal, will post by the end of this month.

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B. said...

Unrelated, and you've probably seen this but if not:

...half truths, and mostly infuriating.

SCQ said...

Thanks for sending this along, B.

I prepared myself to hear this guy out (even after hearing that he writes for Rolling Stone, possibly the lamest music-as-a-means-for-culture rag around)... but his arguments had no bite to them. I was expecting someone who would dig deep into my blogger subconscious and reveal horrifying truths to my practices. With much relief, he didn't infuriate. I kind of think it's impossible to adequately generalize a population which is easily counted in the millions... without sounding like a fool, anyway.

If anything, his performance just asserts that you or I could probably take his job and run with it.

PS Your blog has introduced me to a bunch of cool new bands - thanks! No surprise, more than Rolling Stone or Spin can ever take credit for.