Sunday, October 17, 2010

Autumn Records 2010

First off, Monuments (a duo known as the preeminent Shane Murphy and myself) have reconvened after last winter’s Valentines mix with a seasonal mix called Autumn Sweaters (download it here). Fall was destined for lonely harmonicas to follow your footsteps, for acoustic strings to scrape like curled leaves on the sidewalk, and for this mix to play as your companion. With each step and song, we embrace its gentle breezes and vibrant colours as witnesses to a great collapse. This is a procession of death, y’all, get on-board.

It was during our preliminary planning for this autumn mix that we confronted the whole mentality behind reducing a piece of pop-art to a particular season. Unlike summer and winter records which easily compliment or oppose their season’s mood on instinct, fall albums tend to rely on subjectivity. The harder I looked for an autumn album I hadn’t discovered between the months of September and November, the more beleaguered my theories became. Are there real autumn albums or just perceived ones gained through seasonal osmosis?

Let this fall’s Quarterly feature act as the latest exhibit to either prove the concrete existence of autumn records or discard the idea as subjective nonsense. I hope this season captures you at your best.

Love, SCQ

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