Monday, January 17, 2011

Introducing… Standard Form’s Rural Route Series

Standard Form, a print shop and publishing-house based out of Toronto, first caught my attention when I spotted eye-catching 3” CD-Rs of Muskox and Feuermusik displayed on the shelves of Soundscapes on College Street. Their foray into music wouldn’t directly impact me until Kyle Bobby Dunn delivered his Rural Route No. 2, an EP I loved but ignorantly failed to understand its title as part of a bigger project. Finally, when Samu Kuukka from Gentleman Losers announced his participation in No. 5, I researched what each of these unassuming Standard Form releases were compiling into; namely, a concept-driven but creatively freewheeling collection of compositional essays detailing a variety of artists’ musical representations of “home”. Each musician was encouraged to take an experimental angle and delve into notions of memory, belonging and how that all relates to private geographies.

I was smitten with it, and in November set out to write up the collected works in all its unfurling, unending glory. With the help of Damian Valles, artist and curator of this series, I’m pleased to shed some additional light on this one-of-a-kind project that’s giving Canada’s electronic-music profile a serious shot in the arm.

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