Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Pause In September

This month has quickly become the inactive abyss of Skeleton Crew Quarterly’s usually dependable pace of album reviews. I saw it coming and should’ve written an anticipatory post months ago but now’s as good a time as any. Besides some other pursuits I mentioned recently, 2011 has seen Skeleton Crew Quarterly step back from its industrious work ethic on account of wedding plans. That’s right: in a matter of days, SCQ is getting married!

From the planning stage to these final days of last-minute arrangements, I’ve found it increasingly tough to squeeze in enough time to hear what’s new in music, let alone write about it. And as any reader can assume, September’s content has felt the greatest hit: not one review for the entire month. Despite the fever pitch of late, I’ve maintained an ear to the ground and a list of records to write about once early October sees my return. It’ll be a month of catching up, both here and on other music websites I’ve been neglecting to contribute to.

Can’t wait to get back into all of the exciting releases this autumn season has to offer.

Love SCQ

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nic said...

It seems wrong, since it is about you slacking off, but this is my favourite of all SCQ posts.