Monday, November 21, 2011

Next Stop: Tasseomancy (December 3rd, Ritual Nightclub)

Ottawa, 2011: I’d just found a seat among First Baptist Church’s rows of pews when the stage darkened. I’d arrived to see Timber Timbre perform but moving in the manufactured dusk were two young women, each building fragile melodies from their guitars. Their surprise set couldn’t have suited Timber Timbre better. Not only did the duo dress the part –in black garb positively out of time – they summoned arrangements that authenticated the scene as more than rock and roll shtick. This was my first Tasseomancy experience; a display of tender but vaguely sinister songwriting that felt entirely timeless, as though sisters Sari and Romi Lightman were singing conduits from the days of medieval witchcraft (when Tasseomancy, a method of fortune-telling, was first established).

Currently on tour with Austra – whose debut Feel It Break was recently shortlisted for the Polaris prize – and Young Galaxy, Tasseomancy will be returning to our nation’s capital on December 3rd to play Ritual Nightclub. As if that stacked bill wasn’t enough, Sari and Romi will be lending their supernatural mood to Austra’s performance as backing vocalists in their tour band.

Check out the eerie video of Tasseomancy’s single ‘Heavy Sleep’ (from Ulalume) and get your tickets to the Ottawa show before they're sold out!

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