Wednesday, May 23, 2012

You, Anniversary - Lindsay Fuller

You, Anniversary

Lindsay Fuller
ATO Records.

SCQ Rating: 68%

The title track of Lindsay Fuller’s third release takes inspiration from the poetry of W.S. Merwin and particularly the anniversary of one’s own death, and how it passes annually without our awareness or foresight. If you’d prefer not to dwell on that notion, well you may as well stop reading now. But for those among us who enjoy their gritty folk rock tossed with unhealthy doses of gothic wonder, You, Anniversary is a must-listen.

Opening track “Everything I Ever Had” crashes down with the offbeat grace of Ryan Adams’ Heartbreaker period as Fuller declares “Lost my mind when I met you”. The warmth of musicianship that overshadows Fuller’s morbid fascinations eventually wanes over venom-filled vignettes (“Grey Gardens”, “Circa Never”) and the occasional Nick Cave dirge (“Libby”). Some of You, Anniversary is scathing, sure, but even when her skeletons are out of the closet, Fuller’s vocal command has the capacity to turn the frightening into something existentially celebratory.

Like a razor-sharp Emmylou Harris, Lindsay Fuller showcases a lot of strengths, both vocally and with regards to the dark folk arrangements carved out alongside her session players. Still, You, Anniversary stands tallest when occupying the full tenets of shadow-play by letting some shafts of light in.

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