Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bird Eyes - Wind Up Radio Sessions

Bird Eyes

Wind Up Radio Sessions

SCQ Rating: 76%

The sophomore release by Montreal-based folksters Wind Up Radio Sessions displays an earnest songwriting unit thriving off their own disciplines. Without once forsaking their approach for anything resembling a radio bid, Bird Eyes makes an intricate yarn of lilting melodies and warm undertones. It’s a compact approach that deserves humble praise, for these are songs that take the edge off of tough days – like lullabies for twenty-somethings.

Mid-tempo jams like “Chesterfields” and the vaguely psychedelic “Legally Dead” air welcome bits of distortion into an otherwise acoustic set, while “Backporch” defies expectations with a lived-in synth cresting its chorus. These pockets of relaxed rock gel well with quiet ruminations that carry just as much bite. A wire-tough guitar line gives the reflective “Our Ways” some latent bluster whereas “Blades Of Grass” relies on powerful lyrics and sparse acoustics to transcend. With no less than three singers in rotation and enough smart studio nuances to flesh out their quiet ideas, Wind Up Radio Sessions have a cultish likeability not unlike The Shins; instead of forging new territory or making statements, they remind us what’s delicate and powerful in the comforts of the traditional. An understated but memorable folk-rock gem.

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