Monday, August 13, 2012


August, while still very much a summer month, is when I habitually begin collecting records that'll keep me company during autumn. Like some process of reverse hibernation, I store up all of these anticipated release dates for that day the humidity falls, a cool breeze begins rising and I can step outside revitalized. 

What I’m trying to say is that August is a stupid time to unveil Skeleton Crew Quarterly’s Summer Records feature; the anticipation is long gone and the season’s hottest days are already waning. Had I not spent the past two months living out of suitcases and being separated from my laptop, my music or both, SCQ’s Summer Records 2012 would’ve posted sometime in June. Still, by no means should these three titles be restrained by dwindling temperatures when each stunner will be blasting from Skeleton Crew Quarterly’s new office well into the colder months.

Have a listen, breathe in these summer days and welcome the change in the air.

~ Love SCQ

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