Thursday, September 6, 2012

In the Air - Morgan Page

In the Air

Morgan Page
Nettwerk Records.

SCQ Rating: 69%

Across adult contemporary and trendy dance stations alike, the radio’s ablaze with “Body Work”, a track being repeatedly touted as the new Tegan and Sara release. And while it’s indeed the newest track we’ve heard from that duo, it isn’t exactly the Quin sisters’ song. Conversely, not knowing Morgan Page’s name in no way means you’ve never heard his music. The DJ typically shines the limelight onto guest vocalists and that’s never been more apparent than on In the Air.

Besides “Body Work” and “Video” (a second collaboration with Tegan and Sara), Morgan Page gives color and adequate BPM to the piano stunner “Addicted” (featuring Greg Laswell) and atmospheric title track (featuring Angela McCluskey). As with many collaborative DJ full-lengths, Page’s role feels closer to a curator than as an overt musical force moving through these songs, his house-beats blipping and evaporating over dance anthems like a streamlined take on The Postal Service. Page’s ability to keep things light and mobile occasionally even distracts from his contributors’ tendency to wallow around the same pool; “Light Years” (featuring Richard Walters) initially sounds like an inverted version of “Addicted”, whereas a trance-y take on Sting’s “S.O.S (Message In a Bottle)” results in a fun, if unnecessary, aside. 

This is unapologetic pop music, after all, and although Page doesn’t tend to get as much attention as his vocalists, the romantically yearning vibe that permeates In the Air would capsize without his balanced touch. 

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