Friday, October 5, 2012

s/t - You'll Never Get To Heaven

You’ll Never Get To Heaven

You’ll Never Get To Heaven
Divorce Records.

SCQ Rating: 79%

For a duo that incorporates most of its source material from 20th century classical and 70s dub records, You’ll Never Get To Heaven doesn’t sound as distinct as one might imagine. But maybe “distinct” isn’t the idea here; Chuck Blazevic’s soundscapes tread a gamut of pristine, melodic snippets and gritty, textural exposition, suggesting a mysterious but no less tangible universe. With vocalist Alice Hansen’s soft coos as a guide, this debut unfurls with the one-two punch of “Drowning Out” and the break-beat indebted “You’ve Got the Sun” before slithering through an assortment of weird, sonic pastures.

Even when You’ll Never Get To Heaven acknowledges modern pop music by obeying a loose verse/chorus structure, their compositional foundation remains defiantly ambient. In that respect, this London Ontario duo consolidates its sound like My Bloody Valentine (moreso than other contemporary electronic-pop kids such as Purity Ring, Phantogram) as heard on “Come Over”, a pop song struggling to exist in the shadow of an overbearing ambient piece. Other tracks that carry prerogatives dualistic in nature include “Little Vera”, in which Hansen counteracts a pounding albeit twinkling blood-rush, and “Violet”, a procession of quiet surges that contemplate brimming over.

This You’ll Never Get To Heaven LP is not only a surprising turn for Divorce Records but a minor revelation for Canada’s independent scene. Be sure to catch this on vinyl before its limited run – only 300 copies – expires.

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