Wednesday, March 11, 2009

One Month Challenge Update / So Long, Ruins!

Three weeks have passed since that foolish wager began where I challenged myself not to purchase any music-related products over the span of one month, and I’m proud to announce I’ve yet to crack. Now I won’t say twenty-three days have passed without incident. I’ve entered a few record stores and nearly rationalized myself out of contractual obligation… yet fought back the urge to buy.

Alright, enough back-patting; I’m not there yet. Instead, this post is to celebrate the lives of a few albums that, due to mediocrity and this writer’s disinterest, are being forfeited for my cause. With but a week left of restrictions, I’m freeing up some CD-tower real estate and exercising my option to sell ten or twelve albums in order to purchase one. The following discs are now circulating at large in Sonic Boom's used bins. Beware...

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