Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Records 2009

Rainy forecast for the next few days? Check.
Filthy glaciers melting through every curbside drain? Check.
Springtime Super Moose?!?!? Double check!

Yes, Spring is back… and to celebrate I’ve prepared a few dewy selections that should either reconnect you with a side of nature long buried, or give you a soundtrack to dance your winter clothes off to. Instead of resorting to Spring CDs of previous years as I did in 2008, I’ve opted to make this post a current affair. Even so, this mild Spring air is so intoxicating I just might post a few old faves in the SCQ Review over the coming weeks.

By the way, I’d like to thank some readers for the words of encouragement I received during that recent One Month Without New Music challenge. I saw it through to the end, although I took advantage of a clause that allowed me to sell some old 'ish for something new. End result: I didn’t spend a hard-earned cent on music (shows, records, whatever) for thirty days. Research concerning how much money I saved and possible lessons learned? Undetermined, uncalculated. Thank you to those who kept count with me (or for me, I suspect) and ensured I stay on the straight and narrow (that’s you, CGreen!).

Without further delay, here are two Spring CDs worth testing out...

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cgreen said...

Hey Ry,

First off what a picture... what a moose... don't let him loose. Props on the challenge completion and thanks the reference, I feel like the kid in "Almost Famous". This spring time hopes to be promising with some decent releases, and with Years just released I have some decent listening until May 5th which should keep me on cloud 9 until June 23. Hopefully those dates burn just as hot in your head as they do in mine. Enjoy the better weather, and keep up the good work!

CG 4 Real!