Thursday, May 14, 2009

20. Pinkerton - Weezer, 1996 (Best of the 90s)


Geffen Records.

From a band that hit such lovable heights just two years earlier with huge singles and the unforgettable ‘Buddy Holly’ video, Pinkerton was the last thing anyone expected from the power-pop quartet. The record was downright rejected by critics and MTV, with lead single ‘El Scorcho’ receiving little airplay. Moreover, no one expected this sophomore to become the band’s most crucial album; one that embraced Rivers Cuomo's oddity, carved out their true following and eventually helped hoist emo into the mainstream. The howl and thrash of dark pop tunes like ‘Tired of Sex’ and ‘The Other One’ exemplify the anguish Cuomo had endured post-Blue Album, and since Pinkerton has risen to cult fame, stories have emerged depicting how Cuomo painted his room black and pulled a Brian Wilson. Sadly (and possibly due to that initial backlash), Pinkerton would be the last recording to feature an invigorated Rivers Cuomo.

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