Sunday, June 28, 2009


We’ve put in a looong winter but with heat advisories and garbage strikes (c’mon, those aren’t nearly as effective during colder months and they know it), we can proudly announce the return of summer. Get outside. Oh wait, not yet… First check out some recent releases that should soundtrack your sunshine-soaked afternoons and humid evenings.

With this warmer weather I’ve taken some time to reflect on where I traveled last year, and what, to this day, I’ve learned from that experience. As Canada Day looms closer, I urge you all to dig through your collections for something authentically ours… something that at once encompasses the enormity of this country and what you personally entitle it to be Canadian. I can tell you that I’ll be celebrating our nation’s birthday thoroughly this year, with a selection of Millimetrik, Attack in Black, Deep Dark Woods, Sarah Harmer, Neil Young, Matthew Good, Eric’s Trip, Do Make Say Think and on, and on.

Happy Canada Day!

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