Thursday, September 24, 2009

Autumn 2009

As warm and lovely as September has treated most of us here in central Canada, the leaves are a’ falling and with those cooler gusts we instinctively, primordially reach inward again. To soundtrack this slow withdrawal from getaway weekends and outdoor-living, SCQ has handpicked some records to rediscover your reflection in. Following in the footsteps of this year’s Spring and Summer features, Fall 2009 contains a bevy of recent releases (as opposed to last year’s retread of older seasonal faves); the alt country storytelling of Richmond Fontaine, Royal City’s last low-key recordings, the latest left-field folk by Six Organs of Admittance, and some crisp as foliage beats by Luga. A few of these are No Ripcord reviews from the summer that I've held onto for the right moment. They'll sound better now, I promise...

Now that another Quarterly feature is through, I’m outta here for the weekend… catching a stranger’s wedding and catching up with some hometown friends. Be sure to follow my callous attempts at relevance on Twitter and sign on to follow this blog as another SKLTN Contest is in the works. The long-delayed SKLTN MIX Vol. 1 is complete and en-route to last contest’s winner; I’ll post some pictures of it once he’s seen it first.

Don’t be a stranger,

Love SCQ.

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You are my Symphonic said...

I think you might love this:

The foliage meter has not begun reporting the hues of the season as yet and I have a nagging suspicion that its in collusion with the annual fall festivals which all begin this weekend. We might take a trip out to Eastern Townships and board a chairlift bound for the summit of some mountain.

They'll be another trip later in October to catch the strongest autumnal tones of life.

Your Autumn 2009 feature is going to destroy me. Thanks for the guaranteed heart attacks.