Monday, September 14, 2009

September Update

Dear Comrades and Skltnz,

Despite these late great summer days, the odd auburn hue or falling leaf assures us that Autumn is closing in and with it, the last release dates of ‘09 worth getting excited about. With half of September in the books and an upcoming October full of anticipated albums, I thought I should update you on a few SCQ events coming your way.

1.) First off, I’m excited to announce an upcoming feature on SCQ. As opposed to last year’s The Cool & Weird ‘year-in-news’ write-up, I’ve enlisted some gracious artists, bands and label-bosses to delve into their favourite records, songs and moments of 2009. While I’ll keep details of the guest-list a secret, you can certainly get a sneak-peak by backtracking some of SCQ’s higher ranked reviews. The feature, which should be rather sprawling, will be posted mid-November. Since I’m a huge fan of everyone who has so far signed on, this feature nearly surpasses the personal hype I’m putting on SCQ’s year-end lists.

2.) Speaking of which, year-end lists are being nourished and disciplined weekly. Sticking with tradition, December’s content will round out with SCQ’s Top Fifty Songs of 2009, followed a few days later by SCQ’s Top Twenty Albums of 2009. Both will be challenging to finalize but, with any luck, enjoyable to breeze through after a few eggnogs.

3.) Between those two focuses and the growing influx of promotional materials coming through SCQ (keep ‘em coming!), I’ve decided to push my Top Fifty Albums of the 00s into 2010, where it rightly belongs. It’ll be the most cumbersome, impossible feature to get right and I’d rather not rush it… especially when I’ll have nothing better to write about in January.

Enough rambling. Any questions, comments or likewise rants can be emailed to me at

Thanks for reading and keep posted; the next few months should be massive!

Love SCQ.

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