Friday, February 12, 2010

SCQ's Winter Albums 2010

Greetings to all SCQ readers but especially those who are nestled in colder climates, welcome to another winter! And if you’re reading this now, you’re likely spending this season as I do; from indoors, with a mug of something warm and watching all of winter’s beauty without necessarily feeling it.

Last year’s Winter feature landed on the anniversary of SCQ’s 200th blog post and, strangely enough, this year’s closing of another Quarterly feature shares a similar cause célèbre. Surprisingly, what you’re reading here is the 500th post for the SCQ main-page! That must earn me something in the realm of nerdy blogger-dom, no? At the very least, it’s a great occasion to showcase a few albums well-suited to this inhospitable season, from some wintry folk and alt-country of Horse Stories and Cuff the Duke to the icicle-sparkling keys of Pantha du Prince.

Thanks for seeing me through another season,

Love SCQ

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You Are My Symphonic said...

Congratulations on the 500th post! Strange how it worked out like that...Thanks for the recommendations for the snowy streets of Montreal.