Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This Ends SCQ's Regularly Scheduled Programming...?

The close of November historically signifies a pause of new review content on Skeleton Crew Quarterly until January kick-stars another year. However, 2010 hasn’t behaved like other years SCQ has operated during and, as such, December’s layout remains pretty shaky in that a new review or two may sneak into year-end proceedings. Quality releases have streamed into these final days of deliberation and there remain quite a few decisions to make.

None of them should impact the awesome Year-In-Review series Skeleton Crew Quarterly has lined up, starting Friday December 10th with the annual crackdown on the best and worst cover-art and rounding out Tuesday, December 21st with SCQ’s Top Thirty Albums of 2010. Between those bookends will be a weeklong interview series featuring upwards of thirty bands and artists who’ve made 2010 such a memorable year in music. A who’s who list of participants would only ruin the fun (for us, I mean) but the super-curious can pinpoint a bunch by simply breezing through many of SCQ’s higher-ranked 2010 album reviews.

…Oh, right, I almost forgot to mention the Top Fifty Songs of 2010. A bare-boned list of great songs ordered as SCQ saw fit, or a minute-long distraction from your online reading.

UPDATE 12/10/10: Due to a heavy work-load and the realization that I don't drink nearly as much as I used to, Friday's Cover-art feature has been cancelled. Truthfully, last year's edition often confused Google searches and interrupted people's searches for real album reviews so I don't think many will be heartbroken over this. The majority of these year-end proceedings should still unfold as planned:

Monday, December 13th - Friday, 17th - Year-In-Review Interview Series
Monday, December 20th – Top Fifty Songs Of 2010
Tuesday, December 21st –
- Top Thirty Albums Of 2010

Any promos received and not yet reviewed will be tended to as soon as 2011 rises. I haven't forgotten about anyone and will continue to send links for reviews as they are posted. We soldiers.

Thanks to everyone for reading and be sure to check in for all of this good stuff on the horizon!

Love, SCQ

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You Are My Symphonic said...

Too bad there is no cover art high & lows. I'm still laughing at the Domino execs unanimously giving a standing ovation to Junior Boys.

About to jump into the year-end feature. Pretty fantastic.