Friday, December 4, 2009

Cover Art Highs and Lows: Best and Worst of 2009

To kick off this year-end extravaganza, I thought the best place to start is at the cover. Album art has a wonderfully complex history, being the subject of much idolizing and ignoring, celebrating and debating, commericialization and controversy. Some images are employed to compliment the themes or mood of the record’s music, others rejoice in the superficial and clichéd. But who’s to say which are which? And who ever said you can’t judge a CD by its cover? Every album cover, visually appealing or brutally average, has its own wormhole for discourse... but since I'm alone here, the only discourse will be my opinions shouted into canyons. Probably for the best.

In a fleeting attempt to be fair-minded, SCQ will only discuss a shortlist of albums listened to and reviewed here over the past year. Five high-points and low-points in no sensible order. And to ensure this feature doesn’t turn out like some dry, amateurish Art History 101 tutorial, I’ve decided to write this feature half in the bag. Yeah, that’s right, just go with it and enjoy!

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