Saturday, August 15, 2009

So Long, Ruins! II

A few months ago, I disowned several albums that were, well, cramping my style. All they did was sit around my apartment and glare at me each time I passed them over. So Long, Ruins! thusly became my Serenity Now!; an occasion to casually tell them exactly what I think before selling them off. Interestingly enough, I still see most of my March castaways (just scroll down) lounging about Sonic Boom’s used bins and, each time I do, I feel a slight wave of justification.

A few sidenotes, while they’re on my mind: laptop composer and SCQ fave You Are My Symphonic is currently giving away his latest release, Afternoon Birds of Arima, for free on his website. Check it. Additionally, good friend and comedian-extraordinaire Shane Murphy is set to launch his website of hilarious mystery. Swing by. And for some slightly more professional SCQ-esque reviews, check:

Luminous Night by Six Organs of Admittance
Haunt the Upper Hallways by The Declining Winter

plus No Ripcord’s recent breakdown of Sweden’s mindblowing indie scene by David Coleman (seriously, there must be something in that country’s drinking water)...

Now So Long, Ruins II: a few albums I struggled with, the odd release I fooled myself into buying. In conjunction with these four write-ups, you’re welcome to peruse the previously posted reviews of other albums set to walk the plank here, here and here.


You are my Symphonic said...

Thanks for the shout out SCQ!

Looking forward to the Hilarious Mysteries...

Really enjoyed the Six Organs of Admittance review on No Ripcord, Keep up the fantastic work!

Last Question: If you had it, would you let RIMUR walk the plank?

SCQ said...

Thanks for the Six Organs' props; it's an album you should definitely look into around mid/late September when the leaves are turning.

As for RIMUR: if I had purchased it and first heard it alone, I can't deny I'd be tempted to trade up. However it gets extra points because (1) the first listen was pretty surreal, great memories, and (2) the dude's on HEIMA! How can I refuse him after that cameo?