Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Watching Summer Wave On and Out

Guys and Gals,

Always catching up on reviews, I am, and while posting todays I thought an update was overdue.

First thing’s first, the winner of SCQ’s premier SKLTN Mix is the one and only CG, otherwise known as CG the Bee Gee or, in some preposterous cases, Corey. Congratulations… I am currently assembling a cache of tracks that, when whittled away, will hopefully be known as The Best Mix You’ve Ever Heard. Expect a few inquisitive emails in the meantime…

Considering I conducted the draw and picked CG’s name over two weeks ago, I planned to have the video of said event up in this post. Sadly, an unmentioned limitation to I-Movie or Youtube is that I can only upload EVENTS (meaning recordings that haven’t been edited). As such, the hour-plus I spent turning a tedious minute-and-a-half into a semi-entertaining thirty-four seconds was wasted. Anyone involved in the draw is welcome to swing by my house and see this topnotch, frustratingly un-postable video.

Alongside these new reviews of The Deep Dark Woods and Grizzly Bear, feel free to check out my recent No Ripcord reviews:

Harmony Handgrenade by Oxygen Ponies


Harmonium by The Soundcarriers

(The similarity between titles is coincidental…)

Enjoy the last of these summer days and nights and best wishes to everyone in August! As always, comments and suggestions are encouraged.

Love SCQ.


You are my Symphonic said...

Congrats to CG the Bee Gee...Great prize! Lots of pressure on SCQ with a mix title like that.

cgreen said...

As the summer months dwindle i think i just obtained my highlight of the season... can't wait ry! should be unreal!

SCQ said...

Yeah YAMS, Greatest Mix Ever is a tough title to fill... but I have a few bands in mind for the CG.

Hey CG, email me your address when you get the chance.

To everyone else: thank you for entering the draw. There will be a SKLTN Vol. II up for grabs next month and you're all entered.