Monday, December 26, 2011

14.) Looping State Of Mind - The Field (Top 20 Albums of 2011)

Looping State Of Mind

The Field
Kompakt Records.

SCQ Rating: 83%

From Here We Go Sublime first caught my ear in the spring of 2007, and I was hooked. I recall myself languishing in a suburb outside Halifax for two weeks, endlessly streaming top cuts like ‘A Paw In My Face’ and trying to track the disc down in downtown shoppes. By the time I finally found a copy, two months later in Toronto, and brought it home, the magic had evaporated – as though Axel Willner’s repetition bludgeoned the fragile hooks to oblivion.

Given that the Field’s core approach hasn’t deviated over the four years since that debut, it’s a bit bewildering to concede just how good Looping State Of Mind is. Sure, 2009’s Yesterday & Today found Willner expanding his songwriting, filling generous run-times with slow-building hooks that wouldn’t let go. But Looping State Of Mind goes several steps further, delivering Willner’s most accomplished set yet. The soundscapes vary in feel and texture but all are seductive, from ‘It’s Up There’’s chilly blur to ‘Then It’s White’’s aftermath of piano-led vocal-clips, and the beats on each track illustrate as much depth as they do tempo.

As with any Field album, patience proves a virtue as Looping State Of Mind continues Willner’s habit of placing a giant, repetitive zone-out into the sequencing (‘Arpeggiated Love’). It may not undergo any sudden shifts over its eleven-minutes, but it does intensify in a way that rewards the enduring listener. And for those of us who’ve stood by The Field throughout his beige-adorned trilogy, there’s little questioning that Looping State Of Mind has been a sixty-three minute revelation worth waiting for.

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You Are My Symphonic said...

I've really been getting into this album lately. "Burned Out" was the one that hooked me, especially because I was nearly reaching that at work. I've been falling for the song "Looping State of Mind" when at first, I thought it was too repetitive, but now it's feeling good.