Monday, December 26, 2011

SCQ's Top Twenty Albums of 2011

This year’s content has been brought to you by Weetabix. Add a variety of green teas with nearly identical packaging, and brown sugar. These constituted an early morning habit I would’ve crumbled without, a cycle of hedonism that didn’t necessarily bite the hand feeding it. They might seem like quaint contributors when compared to, say, the cheap 1.5 liter wine bottles that used to fuel Skeleton Crew Quarterly’s near-nightly content, but I reckon I’ll get better mileage out of this approach.

The sun is now setting on 2011, my most fruitful year (although a cursory view of SCQ’s monthly content will insist otherwise). I wrote music criticism for a handful of different websites, tried my hand at press-release writing and had some poetry published. As well, 2011 found me renew my commitment to SCQ and remember why I enjoy running this humble blog more than any staff or contributor position. As ever, I’m thankful to my readers and the wonderful PR friends who continue to surprise me.

The following twenty albums surmise this year of rejuvenation and, for that reason, has made compiling this year-end list the most enjoyable SCQ experience yet. Happy Holidays and enjoy!

~ Love SCQ

P.S. - I despise music videos so most of the clips below will feature mostly audio (which is, really, what we all are here for). Exceptions include a few instances where the visuals fit nicely or I had no choice but to accept the medium for what it is. A few audio streams appear where decent videos were impossible to find. Cheers.

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