Monday, December 19, 2011

Glimmer - Jacaszek (2011 Honorable Mentions)


Ghostly International.

SCQ Rating: 81%

A title like Glimmer seems all too predictable at a time when chill-wave and its mutations continue to shave every instrumental grain down to a sleek, 80s-tinged sliver. With Jacaszek, we know better – especially on the heels of ‘Elegia’, the beautiful piece he contributed to Ghostly International’s SMM: Context earlier in the year.

An elusive unfurling of post-classical plodding, Glimmer gathers its shine from infrequent refractions of light touching suffocated, cave-like dwellings; the sort of place you scope out with your palms. It bears the conflicted soul of a left-field electronic record but not necessarily the make-up, with ‘Goldengrove’ establishing a terrain of tender harpsichord and bass clarinet. A rustle of textures pervades, often distorting the perceived pace of ‘Dare-gale’ and storming over ‘Evening Strains To Be Time’s Vast’, but it never dominates a record so protective of its negative space. Even a piece with no obvious arc at all (‘Seidenen Stille’) inspires thanks to its transient, shape-shifting arrangement.

Providing a rare dose of organic richness to the electronic fringe, Jacaszek’s craft is all nuance, texture and grain - kinetic sensibilities that unveil Glimmer as a previously undiscovered playground.

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