Saturday, January 7, 2012

2.) La Place Demon - Tied & Tickled Trio (Top Jazz Picks '11)

La Place Demon
Tied & Tickled Trio
Morr Music.

In a year that found me exploring far-off labels and genres, La Place Demon was the sole record that came to me. Featuring an avante-jazz outfit led by one of my favourite electronic artists (Markus Acher of The Notwist) and packaged courtesy of one of my favourite labels (Morr Music), the collaboration between Tied & Tickled Trio and Billy Hart was a no-brainer.

Smartly steering clear of The Notwist’s indie-tronic playground, La Place Demon engulfs itself as much in 70-year-old Hart’s dexterous percussion as it does in Acher’s symphonic ear for strings, horns and woodwinds. With both Hart and the Weilheim ensemble composing together, it’s remarkable that an album so overrun with dislocated muses can collect into such a convincing and moody whole. 

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