Saturday, January 28, 2012

Always In Postscript - willamette (SCQ's Winter Records 2012)

Always In Postscript

Own Records.

SCQ Rating: 77%

In terms of a winter record, Always In Postscript is a no-brainer for both its tundra-like façade and being released amid the cavernous lows of January. It could be argued that the quality of ambience captured by willamette over these eight transient compositions has the potent chops to attach itself to any season and, while that could ultimately be the case, the moods swept up by these progressions breathe best in closed-up, wind-ravaged rooms. The album title seems to encourage an aftermath

Always In Postscript’s title references this notion of aftermath best, instilling further the collection’s winter-still sense of finality and remembrance through a minimal selection of blurred tape loops and subdued orchestration. Keyboard melodies rise just audibly above the clouded forces of ‘un court theme pour lyla’ and ‘balustrade’, allowing our minds to fasten these fragments into something personal. Often it’s the suggested elements of willamette’s composition that help Always In Postscript sidestep the expected Stars Of the Lid comparisons, while still providing an insular soundtrack to devote our memories to.

Noting how the difference between “insular” and “isolated” can carry giant repercussions on the resonating impact of an ambient record, it’s important to note that Always In Postscript bears too much warmth through its disciplined instrumentation to truly feel barren. Its blank slate landscape will absorb the listener’s surroundings and naturally react, with ‘images d’une longueur de cheveux’ and the title track likely to imbue an austere but romantic quality as well. However icy and fogged over its domain may sound, the listener remains sheltered. For that reason, Always In Postscript stands most impressively as a hibernation record.

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