Saturday, January 28, 2012

SCQ's Winter Records 2012

Walking home from work the other evening – headphones on and lost in thought – I suddenly caught the distant sound of bird chatter. I tore off my headphones and stood alert in the night street, assured that those sounds of nature were separate from the music, but all I could detect was a dull wind. Unsurprisingly, I relocated the chirps of winged things after returning to my iPod, the upcoming Ulrich Schnauss album and a field recording nestled in the silence between tracks that I’d never heard before.

A kind of embarrassing tale to admit, given that we’re stuck in the darkest month of a Canadian winter, but it’s also fascinating to acknowledge how stretches of one season can make us long for even the finest details of another. With regards to hearing bird chatter at night, we residents of the globe’s northern reaches have a few months yet to wait, so why not embrace the cold with Skeleton Crew Quarterly’s latest winter recommendations?

Less than two months to go…

~ Love SCQ

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