Thursday, December 20, 2012

10) Mixed Emotions - Tanlines (TOP 20 OF 2012)

Mixed Emotions

True Panther Sounds.

There are so many ways one could deepen the purpose of Mixed Emotions but it’s unnecessary. Here's a record culturally of-the-moment but in the shadow of no contemporaries, entirely retro-inspired but committed to meticulously. 2012’s whored-out haze has been scrapped, the 80s-aping dismissed for Tanlines’ truly unabashed pop, the sort five-year-olds can understand almost as fully as grown adults. Songs about love, distance, communication and longing utilizing pitch-perfect doses of discord (“Green Grass”), harmonics (“Abby”), the odd dose of afro-rhythm (“Real Life”) and a sense of melody occupying every write-it-on-the-wall chorus. It sounds simple because it is; the direct nature of Mixed Emotions supersedes trend and scene for the heart, and it’s pretty much a bulls-eye.

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