Thursday, December 20, 2012

11) Lux - Brian Eno (TOP 20 OF 2012)


Brian Eno
Warp Records.

SCQ Rating: 84%

When Lux was billed as Brian Eno’s “first solo album on Warp Records”, I admittedly arced an eyebrow. It read as though the label was in some way subverting any deflated expectations brought about by 2010’s soundtrack to that shitty Peter Jackson movie Small Craft On a Milk Sea and the pair of Rick Holland accompanied releases, Drums Between the Bells and Panic Of Looking.

But maybe Warp weren’t dealing in semantics, because Lux sounds precisely like Eno’s first solo album in quite some time, a refreshingly ambient procedure that stands proudly in the shadow of Music For Airports and several other top-notch entries in Eno’s ambient/installation series. Beautiful, evasive, monotonous and with the rare capacity – found among other sterile ambient albums – to elicit foreign emotions out of thin air, Lux maintains that Eno can focus as thoroughly as he can muck about with friends. Long live the Godfather of Ambience.

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