Thursday, December 20, 2012

9) Lineage - Shigeto (TOP 20 OF 2012)


Ghostly International.

While Shigeto rivals some of Ghostly International’s lead exports in terms of sheer output, the moniker for Zach Saginaw has yet to achieve as much recognition. Released in the bleak beginnings of January, Lineage looked to upgrade that reputation with a sterling mix of nu-jazz rhythms, R&B harmonies and euphoric beat-splicing. Nearly twelve months on, Shigeto remains something of an underappreciated workhorse for the label.

But, true to form, Lineage proved that little train that could in the life-cycle of Skeleton Crew Quarterly, surviving periods of neglect over the course of the year only to bounce back more resilient and purposeful than ever. At first a smooth selection of grooves to watch snowfall from one’s balcony, tracks like “Soaring” and “Huron River Drive” ushered in the jazzy, brain-candy brilliance of triptychs “A Child’s Mind” and “Field Trip”. As long as Saginaw can continue usurping expectations a few thousand people at a time, Shigeto’s on his way to building a formidable catalog.

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