Monday, October 20, 2008

Autumn Records 2008

Greetings from Lake Morey, Vermont USA!!!!

As this picture or any view outdoors should prove, we're knee-deep in the best Fall has to offer. Sepia-tinged foliage, cooler breezes... yes, good albums were made for this weather. So, as we dangle before November, I present a few selections for SCQ's Autumn Records; a few old favourites and two albums that, although released in the Summer of '08, sound better amid these moodier days and longer nights.

Also, feel free to check out SCQ on by investigating the radio on the right of this homepage. I've yet to fully understand's capabilities, so while SCQ's page is rather blank, feel free to offer any potential advice or add me as a friend (if you're a member yourself and understand it).

Read on and enjoy!!

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