Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pale Glitter - Miwon (City Center Offices)

Pale Glitter

Towerblock/City Center Offices Records.

SCQ Rating: 80%

For those not in-the-know, Boomkat is perhaps the very best place to discover, listen and buy independent electronic music. However, don’t tease yourself with the expectation of finding many of the UK site’s releases in your local record store, as many of them, being on tiny labels from Europe, will either be increduously expensive or absent altogether. Such was my experience with Pale Glitter, a record I frequently visited Boomkat to listen to but waited a year to finally own. Its title-track, all dense-synth lines and relentless 4/4 beats, had me on first listen, and I could only hope the rest of Miwon’s debut was similarly spectacular.

What Pale Glitter suggests is that underground clubs beneath the glowing downtown of Berlin must all be spinning this record. Its mood wavers between celebratory and ominous but remains propulsive, even when drenched in ambient flourishes (‘Seraforma’) or shaken by industrial noise (‘Flakes’). Even the few cuts that lack a dancefloor beat are ideal for the night: ‘When Angels Travel’ is when whatever medicine you’re taking that night turns on you, leaving you unable to find your friends, or lost in a back-alley you don’t recall walking toward, while ‘Rain or Shine’ is that peaceful, forgotten walk home.

Miwon’s anonymity in indie-circles is most confounding when hearing Pale Glitter’s pop tracks; 7” single ‘Brother Mole’ and ‘No Need for Sanity’ are both vocal-drenched electro-pop tunes, proving Miwon capable of being playful and chilled-out when the BPMs slow down. A multifaceted dance record, Pale Glitter is a promising debut that never dulls or loses focus. Click here to check out Boomkat and taste some Berlin nightlife.

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