Sunday, October 5, 2008

German Electronica Review

Although established in 1999, my introduction to the world of German Electronica occurred post-house party in January of 2002, when I first heard Finally We Are No One by Mum. The attraction was instant, seeing as how deeply fascinated I was at the time by fellow-Icelanders Sigur Ros’ ( ) album; that record would introduce me to countless albums by countless likeminded artists through several unique rosters from several labels. The nationalities of these artists are diverse – as near as Jacksonville, Florida, as far as the Russian border – but the labels are all Germany-based.

Way back when, I began planning to write on this issue but was instead foiled and consumed by new releases. In the months to follow, many of the records I planned to include here were blogged independently. Here and now, SCQ has chosen its favourite labels, Morr Music and City Center Offices, to introduce this prominent sub-genre, plus a tiny appendix of others that SCQ have touched upon in the past. Read on and find your favourite… and for those on the fence between exploring and ignoring, I feel obliged to tell you that none of these records, or any I’ve yet heard, feature vocals sung in German. No unnecessary hang-ups there, then.

Inquire, comment, enjoy!

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