Sunday, October 5, 2008

Stars on the Wall - The Go Find (Morr Music)

Stars on the Wall

The Go Find
Morr Music Records.

SCQ Rating: 83%

Although Morr Music has always been credited with having a strong sense of vision and focus – namely that the entire label should release music that suits founder Thomas Morr's tastes – the German imprint has crawled steadily beyond the confines of electronica, and into electro-pop, what’s easily understood as ‘indie-tronica’, twee-pop and now bonefide pop music. One of the best examples of Morr’s recent transition is The Go Find, who follow up their glitchy debut Miami with an eleven song set closer in scope and sound to Fleetwood Mac or Death Cab for Cutie. More robust and full-blooded, Stars on the Wall oozes the sentiment of both artists’ best work, while managing to maintain its place among the Morr catalogue.

Hearing first single ‘Dictionary’ or the bass-heavy ‘Ice Cold Ice’ makes a good case for Stars on the Wall being another indie-tronic hybrid, and it’s a warranted impression. Yet the heart of this record is in its quieter, acoustic moments; the barren streets of ‘Downtown’, or the simple sweetness of ‘Monday Morning’. These entirely organic songs provide the balance against the more beat-infused tracks and when The Go Find put both talents into effect, we get a song like ‘New Year’; the ideal mix of organic instruments with Morr’s pristine, electronic production. Whether judged as comfort music or a new step in Morr’s evolution, Stars on the Wall has something for just about everyone.

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