Monday, February 2, 2009

Asa Breed (Black Edition) - Matthew Dear (RIPPED OFF 08)

Asa Breed (Black Edition)
Matthew Dear

Courtesy of Ghostly International.
Original SCQ Review here.

Asa Breed is so RIPPED OFF because it could’ve landed on my recent Top Twenty Albums on the technicality that its reissue (the expanded Black Edition) was released in 2008. Including it was an ongoing consideration, although I couldn’t deny that the album’s best tracks (the dense electro-pop of ‘Deserter’, the insidious bassline of ‘Don and Sherri’) were standout tracks of 2007. So I pulled out my cattle-brand and RIPPED OUT it shall forever remain.

Despite spinning much of this material since the summer of ‘07, Asa Breed Black Edition has been constantly revisited over the past year. The bluesy groove of ‘Good to Be Alive’ proved ideal for summer wanderings while ‘Will Gravity Win Tonight?’, with its supple tones and alley-clicks, echoed of urban chill-outs for apartment evenings. Asa Breed affords Dear a dozen or so possible directions to take for a follow-up and when that album arrives, I vow it won’t be subjected to this sad, after-the-fact feature.

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