Monday, February 2, 2009

Walls - Apparat (RIPPED OFF 08)


Courtesy of Bpitch/Shitkatapult Records.
Original SCQ Review here.

With Walls, I haven’t detected new highlights or unearthed any hard-fought theme at work since my original review. The whole album remains wholly invigorating; its beats crisp and complex, its mood ubercool yet reflective. ‘Fractales’ still quickens my heartbeat. ‘Not a Number’, warm-up that it is, still runs laps around Apparat’s electronic contemporaries, and ‘Headup’ might always be the best song that Anthony Gonzalez of M83 failed to write. As accessible as Walls is - acting as a faultless cross between indie-dance and German electronica - I’m continually blown away by Sascha Ring’s ability to keep this from spilling into ear-candy territory. As irresistible as Walls is, it never caters to dull wits or overwrought sentimentality. It’s simply the best German electronic album of 2007… and I missed it.

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