Monday, February 2, 2009

The Curve of the Earth - Attack in Black (RIPPED OFF 08)

The Curve of the Earth
Attack in Black

Courtesy of Dine Alone Records.
Original SCQ Review here.

It’s been nearly a year since my first apprehensive listen to Curve of the Earth and my subsequent shock that it’s wonderful, and yet here I sit at my laptop, taking in ‘I’m Going to Forget’’s bittersweet chorus and as shocked by Attack in Black’s unexpected WTF turnaround. Had I known that the Welland boys would respond to their punk-rock full-length with this excellent vinyl-only folk album, I would’ve purchased this upon release in late November of 2007 and placed it prominently on my year-end list…

Since RIPPED OFF is made of these cheated glimpses through hindsight, I’ll instead suggest (again, I know) that anyone reading this should check out The Curve of the Earth. It’s humble and clumsily recorded yet such meager production seems to pick out each song’s clever quirks and the band’s live-off-the-floor spontaneity. While their predictable radio-rock debut Marriage may have topped charts and made them well-known in Canada, their work on The Curve of the Earth will handily outlast its trendy predecessor. A minor breakthrough just waiting for its fanbase.

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