Thursday, February 19, 2009

Slowing Down / Catching Up

The One Month Challenge

Maybe it’s due to the snowflakes soaring horizontally across my window, thick as television static, but I think I’ll stay in today. Besides, where would I really go now that I’ve given myself the ultimate challenge…

FOR ONE MONTH (February 17th through March 17th) I CANNOT BUY ANY NEW MUSIC!

What am I, crazy? Well, it’s a good personal trial for a few reasons: (1) I’ve recently gone a bit off the rails with CD purchases, (2) the curiousity over how much I’m actually spending is a bit tantalizing and (3) I’ve ensured an ace up my sleeve. While the rules stipulate that I cannot spend any portion of my paycheque on new music (shows, paraphernalia included), I can make money by selling records from my collection. If I decide to sell several albums for the sake of buying something new, that’s legal and guilt-free.

So the bigger question is: can I handle this? All bets or well wishes are welcome.

SCQ on the Web

It’s great to find the occasional SCQ review used to promote records and labels, like my previously unaware press quote for Jesu in Hydrahead’s press headquarters or my linked admiration for Thunder Power’s EP on Slumber Party Records. Also, be sure to check out my review of The Welcome Wagon’s debut album on celebrated Toronto website Two Way Monologues.

Anyway I’m going to spend the rest of today getting to know a few records I’ve purchased in quick succession. I might not be buying many records over the next month, but you can count on a bunch of new reviews and SCQ’s 2nd Annual Top Drinking Albums feature (right in time for St. Patrick’s Day) coming soon. Now I’ll leave you with a barely visible picture of Antony Hegarty from this week’s fantastic Antony & the Johnson’s show at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. His presence truly forced you to live in the moment and forget about your camera altogether.

Oh, to those of you with Gmail accounts: be sure to add yourself to SCQ’s “Followers” list. There are no perks whatsoever but at least you’ll have a picture of your choice next to any comments left. Wow!

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