Friday, February 8, 2008

Good Morning, Avalanche.

That first recognition of consciousness is where I'm at right now. That sudden gasp for air and the memory of the last thing I saw, in the light of day, before I was buried. SCQ is under so many records that I'm clueless where to begin. So, like anyone suddenly buried, I'm clawing at the first things I find. Random records from the past few years, to start things off.

In the coming week, I'm hoping to have a feature or two prepared. One will delve into the significance and glory of the Extended Play, or EP, while the other will focus on Germany's endlessly-awesome Electronica scene. I'm especially excited about the latter feature since I'm really my only friend when it comes to German Electronica. There are some amazing labels and records to discuss, and introducing a few to anyone interested is the reason SCQ is here (this week).

Admittedly, despite my blogger ambitions, I'm not one to spend hours at the computer. To match, I think my fellow skeleton Zangief might be dead... or at least buried deeper than I am. So SCQ is currently growing as most weeds do: nothing special on the surface, but roots spreading thick underground. Write us every ten minutes.

Love SCQ.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for asking me to reply. I'm enjoying your reviews - you make me want to listen to music that I've never heard of. Oh, and you use words that I don't know (zangief? Is that a name or noun?) Keep up the great work.