Sunday, December 14, 2008

#10 Album of 2008: District Line - Bob Mould

District Line

Bob Mould
Anti- Records.

Seldom does an artist I’ve never heard leap so prominently onto my regular rotation, but Bob Mould finally caught my ear in a used record store. It’s funny to look back and recall that I decided to sample the disc because its cover-art, to me, hinted at an electronic record. Little did I know of Mould’s decades of success fronting notable rock bands, or the extra income he earns DJing for Washington’s biggest clubs. He’s a man of many talents, all of which are handily displayed on District Line. His ability to create vibrantly fresh pop songs out of old alt-rock staples prove his extensive knowledge on the genre, and combined with his electronic sensibilities, make up this consistently awesome and eclectic ten-song cycle. The used copy I heard was $4.99 while an unused, new disc was selling for $13.99… so I bought both. I know a lot of people who won’t put it to waste.

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