Sunday, December 14, 2008

#6 Album of 2008: Intimacy - Bloc Party


Bloc Party
Wichita Records.

Split between two producers, released months-in-advance online, sporting several different tracklistings and featuring a hit single that wasn’t recorded upon the disc’s release, Intimacy shouldn’t be half as cohesive, nor successful, as it is. Bouncing between the tried-and-true post-punk of Silent Alarm while cultivating their electronic ambitions, Bloc Party have crafted a delicate soundtrack for indie parties everywhere, conscientiously including room for teenage melodrama and the occasional lull for needless, casual sex. This quartet has never been about lyrical subtlety, so why hide the spoilers: Intimacy proves that Kele is among the best frontmen in modern rock, that their finicky direction displays their vast talents, and that Bloc Party has become more essential with each release.

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