Sunday, December 14, 2008

#11 Album of 2008: Silent Movie - Quiet Village

Silent Movie

Quiet Village
!K7 Records.

Although this record might not top my year-end list, Silent Movie has almost surpassed that mark; earning a special place in my heart that only goes to the most enticing records. Get this: I have the whole night ahead of me, my girlfriend is working midnights, and instead of returning calls or being productive, I’d lie over my bed and spin Quiet Village. This occurred several times in the summer. From the sun-kissed waves in ‘Victoria’s Secret’ to ‘Utopia’s exotic ravines, Silent Movie had me enraptured, immobilized, to a carefully sampled mix of forgotten history. These replications were not simply from B-movies; they were slices of culture, as poorly recorded in books as in our memories, which are dusted off, reinvented, and integral in composing this fine debut.

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