Sunday, December 14, 2008

#12 Album of 2008: Narrow Stairs - Death Cab for Cutie

Narrow Stairs

Death Cab For Cutie
Atlantic Records.

Several months ago, you could’ve knocked me over with a feather if you informed me that a Death Cab for Cutie record would be featured prominently on my year’s end list. I’ve never disliked them, but after my casual interest expired within a week of hearing 2005’s Plans, I assumed the band had dropped every ace in their deck. Happily proven wrong, I’ve turned to Narrow Stairs countless times as an enema to cleanse my ears of the more ostentatious records I find myself contemplating on a daily basis. As revelatory and incredible as this year in music has been, Death Cab for Cutie have proven themselves an excellent band, bold enough to play straight without any gimmick-cards in sleeve.

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cgreen said...

When I listened to this album I did it with extreme caution. A few years back I got myself some death cab albums, and was determined to bang through some of the discography in one fateful night at work. To my dismay I was a victim in the heist of the century... the robbery of a more than sweet back pack containing new albums. I took that as a sign to never listen to death cab again, it only ends in heartbreak over lost nap sacks. I mustered up the courage and gave a listen to "Narrow Stairs" and I must say I enjoyed the album but as I turn to the album more and more I will indeed peak over my shoulder protecting all back packs in my possession. Beware fellow death cab fans, beware